North Netherlandish
Leiden (city) 1606-07-15/1607
No date of birth or baptismal certificate is known. The first to mention a date of birth is Orlers in 1641 in the second edition of his 'Beschrijvinge der Stadt Leyden'. Orlers mentions July 15th, 1606 as Rembrandt's date of birth. Because in general Orlers is a reliable source, this information is thrustworthy. However, there are two 17th century documents on the basis of which another date of birth can be suspected. In the notice of marriage from Rembrandt and Saskia van Uylenburgh from June 10th, 1634 the age of Rembrandt is stated as 26 years. This would mean that Rembrandt wasn't born in 1606 but in 1607 or even in 1608 (Strauss/Van der Meulen 1979, doc. 1634/2). The second document is a statement of authenticity of a painting by Paul Bril on September 16th, 1653. The age of Rembrandt is stated here as 'out omtrent sessenveertich jaeren' (Strauss/Van der Meulen 1979, doc. 1653/16). This record also suggests 1607 as being the year of birth of the artist.
Amsterdam (city) 1669-10-04
buried on October 8, 1669
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Son of Harmen Gerritsz. van Rijn (c.1568 - 1630) and Neeltje Willemsdr. van Zuijdtbrouck (c.1568 - 1640). Married in Sint Annaparochie on 22 June 1634 to Saskia Rommerts Uylenburgh (1612-1642), together parents of Rumbartus (1635 - 1636), Cornelia I (1638), Cornelia II (1640) and Titus Rembrandtsz. van Rijn (1641-1668). Also father of Cornelia van Rijn (1654-ca. 1684), out of wedlock with Hendrickje Stoffels Jaegher (c.1626 - 1663).
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Cornelis Eysbert (Ghysbert) van Goor was the art agent who had Rembrandt's Aristotle delivered to Don Ruffo in 1654 (Hoogewerff 1917, p. 135-139)
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Period of activity
1625 - 1669
dated works range from 1625 to 1669
Active in
  • Leiden (stad) 1620 - 1624
    Rembrandt was registered as a student at the Leiden university on May 20th, 1620. According to the student register of 1622, Rembrandt rematriculated at Leiden University in this year (Schaeps, van Duijn, 2019). According to Orlers, he didn't have any 'lust of genegenheid' for studying, which forced his parents to have him unregistered. Thereafter, Rembrandt arranged an apprenticeship with the Leiden painter Jacob Isaacszoon van Swanenburgh, where he stayed for three years (Strauss/Van der Meulen 1979, doc. 1620/1621 and 1641/8).
  • Amsterdam (stad) 1623 - 1625
    According to Orlers, Rembrandt was the student of Pieter Lastman in Amsterdam for a period of six months (Strauss/Van der Meulen 1979, doc. 1641/8). There are several opinions on when this would have taken place (Broos 2000).
  • Leiden (stad) 1625 - 1633
    According to Orlers, Rembrandt became an independent master after his apprenticeship with Lastman, probably in Leiden (Strauss/Van der Meulen 1979, doc. 1641/8). This was presumably in 1625, the year of Rembrandt's earliest dated work. He probably left his studio in Leiden in 1633 (Dudok van Heel 2006).
  • Amsterdam (stad) 1631 - 1669
    stayed with Hendrick Uylenburgh at first
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