Free and numeric searches
Unique identifier, please use this number as a reference
Each image in the database has a unique image number. To each artwork description more than one image can be linked. The image numbers are documented reference to images of works of art in the imagedocumentation of the RKD.
Number related to the portrait iconography collection RKD.
You can enter a year (format yyyy) or a period (format yyyy - yyyy)
Geographic index to places made.
Search with words in title.
Searching with an Iconclass code or an Iconclass tekst is supported
Object data
Reference in ‘composite artworks’: artworks that are/were connected, such as alterpieces, decorative pieces incorporated in panelling, and works of art that were intended to be displayed together, such as pendants and series.
Other search entries
In the RKD appear various research projects. In that context artwork descriptions are entered in the databases.
Technical search entries